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Yoga at TMC

Movement medicine for the body, mind and soul.

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Why Yoga?

Here at Tauranga Massage Collective we believe that massage and yoga are the perfect combination for improving your health and well-being. Yoga is a series of stretches and poses combined with breathing techniques. One of the reasons we love it, is because it is accessible to anyone regardless of your age or fitness level.


Yoga can help make you stronger and more flexible. It's a great way to stay mobile, energetic and feel more focused and alert. When you move better, you feel great and function better in your daily life.

Handré teaches a mix of Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga styles often incorporating the best of of these styles. Expect a functional, inclusive class that has solid, safe foundations that brings attention and awareness into the body with breath and movement. You will be given the opportunity to explore yoga at your own level, with space and encouragement to develop your practice as you progress and become more confident.

There is a public class on every Tuesday at 6.15pm at the functional training and wellness centre Health Quarters on 67 Willow Street. 

Handré also curates Custom Yoga Plans for his massage clients to compliment their treatment goals. A customised 30 - 60 minute sequence is created specific to your needs, incorporating stretching, strength and mobility. This includes a 1-on-1 session, a hand-out and a video recording to follow along and learn the poses. 

Where & When

67 Willow Street

Health Quarters - Functional Training & Wellness Centre

Tuesdays - 6.15pm

Cost: $10 per class

Book online using MindBody App or click below

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